June 2015


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – Getting the questions to you first before you can ask them. HOW CAN I GET INVOLVED AND HOW CAN I HELP REVIVE THE SUNNAH IN MY AREA? The best way you can get involved and maybe even start your own 1Eid team in your own area is to register your interests on our website at www.1eid.net and then email info@1eid.net for further information. The website is… Read More »FAQ

Our Vision

1Eid is a inter-faith, multi-generational celebration marking the end of Ramadan. The word ‘Eid’ meaning ‘to feast’ traditionally was celebrated with the whole community regardless of faith. The aim of Eid was to come together and celebrate the fabric of humanity. Happiness, harmony and respect for all. To encourage cohesion. 1Eid™ has done it’s repeated best to revive this practice and host an annual event whereby the Muslim community is… Read More »Our Vision

History of Eid in Islam

The practical Sunnah of the Prophet عليه السلام was to leave his mosque for the Eid prayers and perform these prayers in the musalla that was at the outer gate of Madeenah [Zaad al-Ma’aad by Ibn al-Qayyim, 1/441] Shaykh Ahmad Shaakir (may Alaah have mercy on him) said, the views of the scholars concerning that are closely connected In Sharh al-Bukhaari, the Hanafi scholar al-‘Ayni discussed the following hadeeth of… Read More »History of Eid in Islam