The Aquadrome

1Eid at the Aquadrome, Rickmansworth, Announcement

From the UK's official Eid Celebration Committee and Volunteers,
To our beloved guests and family members,

Bismillah, Wa Salaatu Wa Salaamu 'ala Rasulillah,
Assaalaamu 'Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahe Wa Barakatuh

I pray this message finds you and your loved ones in the best of health and upon peeks of piety, Ameen. It is with a saddened heart that I must convey this announcement that we have agreed and decided to cancel our Eid prayer and festival in the Aquadrome this coming weekend. We pray you will understand and agree with our decision once we explain insha'Allah. I will also be putting out a video message in hopes of unity and community cohesion and we pray it brings comforts to the hearts and that it is most pleasing to Allah azza wa jall.

We do have a much bigger 1Eid Festival in Southall park for Eid prayer 10 AM, then festival and massive fun fair with a huge beach and a fireworks finale. This will carry on until Sunday night. Join us in Southall with the entire family this Eid insha'Allah.

Sadly, we wont be at the Aquadrome this Eid but we will be back for Eid ul Adha, bigger and better insha'Allah. Thank you for understanding. Some of the brothers who launched 1Eid in the Aquadrome with us felt the need to book another park near by and call their contacts to join them at another park and pray with them instead.

We were only informed days before Eid because of an invite we extended to them to work with us again. This will obviously effect everyone weather they pray with us or with them. Us? Them? Horrible isn't it? We are one Ummah and we are all brothers and sisters in the same Deen.

This is why, with advice from our senior members and Imams, with a heavy heart we agreed to cancel our venue this ONCE for the sake of pleasing Allah and not displeasing Him.

We do not agree with nor do we want partisanship and the prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam ordered us to support our brothers weather wrong or right. When asked regarding what if they are in the wrong, Rasulullah said to stop them from their wrong.

If we knew of their plans earlier we may have been able to try speaking with them and seeking better council for the sake of unity. We might have been able to stop this division. Cleverly, it was announced to close to event date and thus we are doing the right thing by cancelling so that you and your family and friends do not feel divided on Eid day or torn between two venues.

We love you too much to do that to you and we fear displeasing Allah azza wa jall even more. We do not serve 1Eid for power, prestige or money, we seek Allah's pleasure in this and every action insha'Allah.

Nevertheless, here is some great news. We have informed the venue and the council and have already planned for Eid ul Adha to be bigger and better insha'Allah. We have plenty of time to advise the brothers to avoid making this same mess next time. We can work together insha'Allah. But if they persist to divide next time, then the onus and the blame is completely and entirely on them as we have done our part above and beyond, even cancelling this Eid for the sake of keeping the community together, at our loss.

NEXT EID ul Adha, we will expect all of the public at the Aquadrome insha'Allah, with those brothers present. If they choose to not join us, we expect all families to stand by the Haqq of unity and doing the right thing, enjoining the good and forbidding the evil, by standing by the original 1Eid project and help our brothers understand they should focus on their Dawah projects and allow us to focus on ours. Their projects are beautiful I am sure and praise worthy, there is no need for them to create competition with 1Eid. We are the same Ummah so we are only harming ourselves this way. May Allah guide us all.

I say this with a smile, I love you all for the sake of Allah and I ask you all to make du'a for our Ummah, our brothers and sisters in Syria and Palestine and for the 1Eid teams around the UK who are all 100% volunteers and work so very hard on this amazing sunnah revival project. Please support the project with your donations and next time we need more volunteers also.

Lastly, I was hoping we could extend the time of the event next Eid, increase stalls, have more fun fair rides, maybe even plan fireworks, but for all that, means you all must stay longer or at least come back later in the day insha'Allah. If you agree with making it a full day and adding more activities at the Aquadrome then please let us know your thoughts and support.

If you wish to see me or talk to me or need further clarity then I will be at the Eid festival in Southall Park from Friday till Sunday insha'Allah. I will pop out to the other park locations also here and there.

Have a great weekend and a wonderful Eid Mubarak. Please text me your thoughts, forward this message to others. 07958183184

Sincerely your brother,
Jalal ibn Sa'eed