History of 1Eid



The Birth of 1Eid

The first Eid of it’s kind. Outside the lushy greens of Greenford park.

SKPL Centre

Come 2008 1Eid could not secure a park, but that did not deter us from sustaining the Sunnah.

Move to Brent: Roe Green Park

1Eid™ now officially in Brent.

Fryent Country Park

1Eid™ moves to the largest outdoor field in Brent.

Barham and Roundwood Parks

In an attempt to lessen the crowds by request of the council 1Eid™ moved to Barham Park.

1Eid™ in East London: Goodmayes

1Eid™ grew to encompass East London and Manchester. The thirst and communal hunger for such an event didn’t cease. 1Eid™ continues its forward advance on the planes of equality, opportunity and a chance at a real future for our children.

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