Luton Eid Prayer in Stockwood Park & A two day festival in Wardown Park


Luton 1Eid – still going strong. Helping mend communities and destroy Islamaphobia!

Since the launch of 1Eid, thus far well over 400,000 Muslims have been able to pray outside in the open spaces as prescribed by the beloved and noble Sunnah.

We Hope 1Eid will grow bigger and stronger with the support of the community so that we can become a city that sustains the sunnah of Eid the way it was always meant to be.

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FREE ENTRY:   Bring your neighbours and let’s make Dawah!


1EID Prayers Details

1EID EVENT DATE:   Sunday 25th June, Monday 26th June or Tuesday 27th June  (2017)

Send us an SMS or a Whatsapp message   “updates”  to  07958183184  to receive free text announcements

1EID PRAYER:   in Stockwood Park, Farley Hill road,  LU1 4BH   ~  on Eid day ONLY at  10:00  AM


FREE Parking available on site:  DONATION OF £3 PER CAR [OPTIONAL] (to help cover traffic management costs).

Please avoid parking on road so not to cause a nuisance to the neighbouring houses.

2 thoughts on “Luton Eid Prayer in Stockwood Park & A two day festival in Wardown Park”

  1. I read on a poster there will be animals at this festival, can you tell me why? Will somebody be monitoring the welfare of the animals?

    1. Hi Brenda, The animals we bring are always with their carers and are very well looked after in a secluded area or space to ensure they are appreciated and well preserved. Thank you for your time.

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