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We’re in a real need for all kinds of creative individuals- aspiring or professional- that can help us through the following (or anything else you can suggest):

  • WEBSITE: building and maintenance.
  • DESIGN: All kinds. Do get in touch to let us know where you feel your expertise lies. We’re looking for anything from help with our promotional materials to little fun things that we can share on social media.
  • MEDIA: We’re really holding out on some hands for help with our media. We have a huge database of great footage and inspiring photos, but no one to help us make proper use of it. Also, what would be great is to have aspiring videographers or film-makers on board. We have a catalogue of enthusiastic volunteers who’d love to make something special happen on film, in line with the spirit of 1Eid, that or just something silly and fun.
  • SOCIAL: Are you a facebook / twitter / instagram user? Can you help us get the word out there? Everyone should know about the true tradition and essence of Eid.
  • WRITING: Are you a writer or would love to write about something amazing? Can you help us write great content, that other people can relate to?

If any of these are things you can help support us in, then please do get in touch:



07957239402 (WhatsApp).


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