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The Movement

1 Eid is a collective movement, 1 body, together, walking side-by-side.

Global Relief

Countries: Supplies: Resources: Community, Education, Kindness...

Eid In The Park

Women, children, the elderly, the neighbours. Invite & Bring EVERYONE.

Don't just ask for change, be the change... Get Involved


1 Eid has revived the Sunnah of Eid and has made it a form of Dawa once again.


The Heroes & Soldiers who make Eid so special. There is no other Eid, just 1 Eid.


Your generosity is what makes this possible. Donate and collect the rewards.

Donate or Invest Today

1 Eid Prayer and Festival is run by 100% volunteers except for things we simply need to hire vendors to manage for us.  We could use your help.  Volunteer with us or simply support us and put fuel in our tanks.  Enable us and empower us to grow and work to move 1Eid in to all major city parks.  Our aim is to make 1Eid bigger than Christmas by Allah’s will and Grace. 

1Eid is also involved in many projects and works alongside other charities and organisations to get the job done. Your donations will benefit a wide range of situations and projects across the world.

“Save your skin from the fire even if it is by giving half a date in charity…” Bukhari    
“Charity washes away sins like water extinguishing fire.”   Bukhari / Muslim

Give sincerely, but give any amount until you feel the pinch.  If you do not feel a pinch then you will always doubt weather you have actually given.  Giving to causes like 1Eid is planting a seed which will grow a massive sadaqa jaariyah when we meet Allah.  Click and invest in your akhirah now. 


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