1Eid Harrow - CLOSED

Important information 

  • Eid Salah: 10AM
  • Men & Women welcome – Please come with wudhu
  • Onsite parking available, all day parking £5
  • Eid Festival: 1PM -10PM (EID DAY)
  • 1PM -9PM – Saturday
  • 1PM – 9PM – Sunday 
  • Eid celebrations & full Eid fair from Eid day until Sunday 2nd July
Special attractions:
  • Fireworks: 9:30 PM
  • Donkey rides

What if it rains? 

1Eid has been running for 17 years, come rain or shine the Sunnah must be upheld! We do our part to work hard for months to plan this wonderful event, and we leave the rest in the hand of Allah. May Allah grant us success and accept our effort.

Rain is a Mercy from Allah, and living in the UK if we were worried about the rain we would never leave our homes!

1Eid will have plenty of gazebos and umbrellas for all if we get a few showers but we pray to Allah He keeps the sun shining!
Why should I register?
Imagine you had invited people to your home, you would want to know how many guests were arriving so you could serve and host them well?  1Eid is run 100% by volunteers who sacrifice their Eid day in return to serve the community in seeking the pleasure of Allah.  Registering online help us know our expected numbers, how many people to cater for to ensure the event can run safely. It also means we can notify you of any important announcements or changes that happen. 

Want to help?

Volunteers needed – Do you love the sunnah and have skills you want to share? Then join our team of volunteers who end their Ramadan with a mountain of good deeds serving the people on the day of Eid!

CLICK HERE to find out more.

1Eid is 100% Voluntary run, your donations is what has sustained us for over 17 years. This event is for the community by the community and we are proud the Muslim community has supported sustaining the revival of the Sunnah of Eid!  Our donations go towards cost such as, prayer tarp ( where people pray Eid salaah),  ground hire costs, toilets, generators, security etc. 

Your donations are most welcome CLICK HERE


Kenton Recreation Ground Car Park 73 Alicia Avenue Harrow HA3 8JZ

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Stay in touch
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