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The correct Eid prayer and celebration was missing in most of the western world until 1Eid revived the essence of Eid. 

Book your places below. I have to first answer this question many of you have asked us via email, and texts, and some of you complained to the council even. We feel we need to explain to make sure there is no confusion. To book your places scroll to the bottom.

Why should I pay £1? (Why would you not want 1Eid to continue?)

Please remember, we are a volunteer-run. All tickets help us cover the cost of the event. Last Eid we did not cover our costs, we were negative by nearly £3,000 because many attendees did not contribute even £1 entry. For those of you who did contribute, this is your reward as well as ours. So yes, please do make your payment for the previous Eid if you attended but did not book or pay. Costs go up every year but we have always only asked for £1 per person, should we be getting complaints about £1 so that we can continue to serve our community? Please make sure to book your tickets early so we know how many people to cater to.

But the park is open to all without a gate:

So someone said, “But there is no gate or fencing or checking to enter?” That is sadly correct because we cannot afford it yet but you still need to book because we still have costs to cover. We need more funds to hire fencing in the future but also need more volunteers to man the stations. We trust our brothers and sisters to pay your amanah insha’Allah, we don’t want to meet Allah over £1. If you benefit from the Eid festival and you enjoy the Muslim atmosphere and you benefit from the animals, the fireworks, the food stalls, shopping, and other fun things created in the park with the fair, then please make sure to book and pay your £1 entry. It does make a huge difference.

Okay I forgot to pay, what can I do?

If you forgot to pay at previous Eid £1 per member of your family then please make that donation now as it is an Amanah upon you. Those who love Allah and want to not be accountable in the akhirah and want their sins forgiven will happily donate £1 entry per person. We need your support. We are a volunteer-run. Help us recover the last Eid event losses by giving sadaqa today. go to www.1Eid.net/Donate

Supporting the Sunnah Revival – Run by Volunteers

I am sad that, instead of explaining the amazing event we have planned for you, I have to explain why there is a £1 charge for us to organize the event. The costs are many for the grounds hire, heavy equipment, generators, security, ambulance, fuel, lighting, fireworks, animals, kids fun, etc.. oh and of course marketing costs. We ask humbly that you understand our struggle and show more support by giving more sadaqah or volunteering to give us helping hands.

Let’s get you guys booked now.

Important information:

Eid ul Adha will be announced by the moon sighting for the 1st of Dhul Hijjah on the 7th of June.  We will then announce Eid ul Adha to be on the 16th or 17th of June 2024.


  • Eid Salah: 10AM (Arrive by 9 am, 9:30 takbeerat & speech)
  • Men & Women welcome – Please come with wudhu 
  • Eid Festival: 11 AM -10 PM (EID DAY)
  • Next Day:  1 PM – 9 PM 
  • Eid celebrations & full Eid fair from Eid Day and Next Day
Special attractions:
  • Fireworks: 9:30 PM ( Eid Evening Only ) 
  • Donkey rides ( Eid day)
  • Quran competition (Eid day)
  • Circus workshop (Next Day 3-8pm)
  • 1Eid Funfair, bazaar,  Funday entertainment 
  • Much much more….

Important information 

  • Please park responsibly on side roads and do not disturb local residents and our neighbours
Why should I register?
Imagine you had invited people to your home, you would want to know how many guests were arriving so you could serve and host them well?  1Eid is run 100% by volunteers who sacrifice their Eid day in return to serve the community in seeking the pleasure of Allah.  Registering online help us know our expected numbers, how many people to cater for to ensure the event can run safely. It also means we can notify you of any important announcements or changes that happen. 

Want to help?

Volunteers needed – Do you love the sunnah and have skills you want to share? Then join our team of volunteers who end their Ramadan with a mountain of good deeds serving the people on the day of Eid!

CLICK HERE to find out more.

1Eid is 100% Voluntary run, your donations is what has sustained us for over 17 years. This event is for the community by the community and we are proud the Muslim community has supported sustaining the revival of the Sunnah of Eid!  Our donations go towards cost such as, prayer tarp ( where people pray Eid salaah),  ground hire costs, toilets, generators, security etc.

Your donations are most welcome CLICK HERE

Address:  Enter from the Uxbridge High road entrance please. 

Southall Park Uxbridge Rd, Southall UB1 3AL

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