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Established back in 2007, 1Eid is the most culturally cohesive and multi-generational celebration for all members of the community to attend.  We want everybody to enjoy our festival of Eid. The word Eid means ‘to feast’ and traditionally was celebrated with the whole community regardless of faith. It was a chance to dispel and remove any social boundaries and to invite those most in need to come together and be included in a universal event where they were taken care of and served.

The aim of Eid is to come together and unite, celebrate the fabric of humanity and harmony, and to show respect for all.

By the Grace of God, 1Eid™ has successfully pioneered the revival of this celebration, whereby the whole Muslim community is able to share their festival with the wider community and celebrate togetherness in a pool of diversity, dispelling any and all avenues for prejudice.

Our growth has meant we have been able to use our platform to highlight the needs of the most deprived and neglected within our community and offer the basic needs of provisions, sustenance and education as well as bringing joy, happiness and a sense of belonging within their lives.

Who, What, Where, When, How?
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Our Vision

♥ Our Vision “People should get to know one another to achieve peace and unity”.

Our Mission

♥ Our Mission “To strengthen and unite communities by reviving, celebrating and sharing the essence of Eid”.

The 1Eid family

Serving our community as volunteers is a hat we are honoured to wear

Ustadh Jalal ibn Sa'eed (Sheikh Abu Eid)

The founding father, the vanguard and vision-air of the 1Eid project and a lecturer on theology, sociology and world religion history. Not only is he a trustee and the chairman of the project he works tirelessly for many other charities and Da'wah projects.

Umm Jannah

Operations director and a vanguard of the 1Eid project. This sister heard a vision and designed the model of 1Eid. She is the architect of how the Sunnah is revived and established. Managing all 1Eid location logistics and plannings she also trains and supports local communities to establish their own Eid events up and down the country.

Sara Bint Azeddine

Project manager and a Vanguard of 1Eid Goodmayes in East London. Sara is truly an inspiring leader! Joining the team at just the age of 19, in her commitment to the project she has grown in confidence, ability and strength to manage one of our largest venues. She also orchestrates our most popular 1Eid stage show which airs live on Islam channel to thousands of viewers across the globe.

Tahareem Farquhar

1Eid Luton founder and manager. She leads a team of vanguards that established the Sunnah revival in Luton hosting the biggest Eid Festival in all of Bedfordshire.

Mohammed Qaalib

Trustee and Vanguard of the 1Eid project. Q Joined the team as a teen and spent over a decade working in the path of Allah. An extraordinary guy from volunteer, to volunteers manager to project manager of west london's largest Eid. This brother beat Bida'ah and Cancer. Allahu Akbar.

Arshad Khan

1Eid in East London has a Lion that looks out for the health and safety of all that attend. He wears many hats from managing staff to clearing the park. An active member of the community, supporting the homeless and youth he is truly a vanguard, a pioneer.

Obaid Mohammad

Vanguard of the 1Eid Luton project. Some people are hardly ever seen except when needed. Like a hero that rides from the sun rise and into the sun set, Obaid is always there. He drew blood at the first event in Luton.

Mehak Abdul Rauf

Stalls manager and a Vanguard of 1Eid Starting out as just a trader at the festival, Mehak truly fell in love with the project and its achievements! Since then she has never missed an event and has volunteered her time to help plan and manage our exhibition and bazaars at the 1Eid events.

Asim Malik

OG and a Vanguard of the 1Eid Luton project. From the very first Eid that arrived in Luton and to this day he brings strength, courage and unity amongst brothers to not just volunteer but to stand firm and steadfast.

Sharaz Mirza

Trustee and Vanguard of the 1Eid project. Project manager, driver, volunteers training, event structures, fundraising, marketing, customer relations and many more hats sit on this pretty curly head. Ma sha Allah.