Bismillah, Wa Salaatu Wa Salaamu ‘Ala Rasulillah,
Assalaamu ‘Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahe Wa Barakatuhu 

We pray that you are well and are in good health.  

1Eid’s mission is to strengthen and unite local communities by reviving, celebrating and sharing the essence of Eid. Since 2007, we have successfully held celebrations at multiple locations for the wider community to attend and enjoy the festival of Eid.  

1Eid will be returning at Eid ul Adha inshaaAllah. 1Eid survives through doing fundraising events throughout the year to save for the main festivals. After nearly two years of no events to fund-raise we will rely heavily on our supporters in the community to ensure we can come back better than ever.

If you would like to contribute with a donation for Eid ul Adha please go to our zero fees Donation Link by Paypal.

If you would like to volunteer please email info@1eid.net or send us a text/whatsapp  +447958183184

Stay safe and well by Allah’s will.

 – Jalal ibn Sa’eed & The 1Eid Team

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