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Southall Eid Prayer & Festival 2024

April 10 @ 10:00 am April 12 @ 11:00 am

When is Eid? Download the APP that keeps you informed. “When’s Eid?” on app stores for Apple and Android.

For almost two decades we have been serving you and your loved ones and your neighbors with the best of spiritual Eid prayers led by some of the most heart-moving Imams and Speakers while delivering days of celebration and festivities for all to enjoy in a safe, clean and super fun halal environment.

Important information 

The event will run Eid day and next day

  • Eid Salah: 10 AMPlease RSVP if you will not join the festival and only wish to attend the prayer – FREE ENTRY FOR PRAYER
  • Men & Women welcome – Please come with Wudhu and your prayer mats with smiles 
  • Eid Festival: 11 AM -10 PM (EID DAY)
  • Day after Eid: 4 PM – 9 PM 
  • Eid celebrations & full Eid fair from Eid Day and Next Day

Special attractions:

  • Fireworks: 9:30 PM ( Eid Evening Only ) 
  • Donkey rides ( Eid Day)
  • Quran competition (Eid Day)
  • Circus workshop (Next Day 3-8 pm)
  • 1Eid Funfair, bazaar,  Funday entertainment 

Important information 

  • Please park responsibly on side roads and do not disturb residents and our neighbors

Dear attendees, 1Eid is a voluntary run event by the community for the community. 1Eid has been bringing the festival of Eid to the community of Ealing. With your support, we continue to do this twice a year and have used 1Eid as a platform to not only bring the community together but also as an event to promote awareness about Islam. 1Eid has a diverse group of attendees and people of all faiths are most welcome. 

£1 donation request 

We request all attendees to simply make a £1 donation (per person) to help us cover the costs of the event. 1Eid is a registered charity ( charity number 1144566) and is run by volunteers. The event can only take place through the donations of our attendees, if everyone helps a little collectively we can make sure 1Eid will continue year after year. Please select the donation amount you would like to make according to the number of attendees you are registering, and group registration is available.

If you are unable to donate £1 please email info@1eid.net for further assistance.
For prayer only attendance please choose RSVP.

Do I get a ticket for my donation?

Every donation will issue you with a ‘ticket’ this is to acknowledge your registration at the event. Registration is needed to help us prepare for the correct number of attendees. Once you have registered please present this at the registration tent you will find this at the top of the event. Please follow the arrows from the Uxbridge road entrance or you can ask one of our volunteer stewards for directions.  

Do I need to register?

Please note 1Eid must comply with protocols put in place by the council to ensure that we can continue to run the event in Southall Park. Please register your place as we must give accurate numbers for attendance. Registering online helps us know our expected numbers, and how many people to cater to to ensure the event can run safely. It also means we can notify you of any important announcements or changes that happen. Your cooperation is appreciated


Want to help?

Volunteers needed – Do you love the sunnah and have skills you want to share? Then join our team of volunteers who end their Ramadan with a mountain of good deeds serving the people on the day of Eid!

CLICK HERE to find out more.

1Eid is 100% Voluntary run, your donations are what has sustained us for over 17 years. This event is for the community by the community and we are proud the Muslim community has supported sustaining the revival of the Sunnah of Eid!  Our donations go towards costs such as prayer tarp ( where people pray Eid salaah),  ground hire costs, toilets, generators, security, etc.

Invest your Zakat and Sadaqa Jariyah – CLICK HERE

Address: Southall Park Uxbridge Rd, Southall UB1 3DN – ENTRANCE FROM THE MAIN HIGH STREET.



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