Iftar in the Park

For the second year running 1Eid will be hosting its community iftar in Goodmayes Park on the eve of the announcement of Eid. Come for the reminders and community spirit as we share what could be the last night of Ramadan.

The objective of the event is to encourage our community to share food with those of other faiths, giving others the chance to experience the brotherhood of Islam and the less fortunate of our community to also share food.

The evening will have a reminder ‘farewell Ramadan’ as we evaluate what we hope to have learnt in the month and what we should aspire to carry through until the next Ramadan. This will be followed by prayer and iftar.

Please be mindful that Ramadan’s purpose is to build taqwa therefore we request attendees to respect this event and not overbook tickets. Food wastage is the last thing we want and unfortunately people book free events and don’t show up, so kindly honour your booking by showing up.

Lastly if you are able to afford to make a donation to help cover the cost of someone who cannot than please do choose donation ticket option and may Allah accept it from you and make it heavy on your scales.

We look forward to hosting you inshaaAllah

1Eid team

Want to help?

Volunteers needed – Do you love the sunnah and have skills you want to share? Then join our team of volunteers who end their Ramadan with a mountain of good deeds serving the people on the day of Eid!

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1Eid is 100% Voluntary run, your donations is what has sustained us for over 17 years. This event is for the community by the community and we are proud the Muslim community has supported sustaining the revival of the Sunnah of Eid!  Your donations go towards cost such as, prayer tarp ( where people pray Eid salaah),  ground hire costs, toilets, generators, security etc. 

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Goodmayes Park Green Lane entrance, IG3 9RT

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