Our Vision

1Eid is a inter-faith, multi-generational celebration marking the end of Ramadan. The word ‘Eid’ meaning ‘to feast’ traditionally was celebrated with the whole community regardless of faith. The aim of Eid was to come together and celebrate the fabric of humanity. Happiness, harmony and respect for all. To encourage cohesion.

1Eid™ has done it’s repeated best to revive this practice and host an annual event whereby the Muslim community is able to share their festival with the wider community and celebrate together in a pool of diversity, dispelling any and all avenues for prejudice to creep through.

♥ Our Vision

We believe that people should get to know one another to achieve peace and unity.

♥ Our Mission

We will strengthen and unite local communities by reviving, celebrating and sharing the essence of Eid.

♥ Our Aims

• Take Eid out of the mosque and offer a healthy outdoor alternative

• Empower women through Eid

• Give Muslim children a festival they can call their own

• Share the essence of Eid with the community [Da’wah]

• Introduce fun, food and culture to local communities

• Establish Eid as a national celebration for all

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2 Responses

  1. Salaams. I just wanted clarification on what you mean by interfaith. The reason I ask is interfaith is seen as promotion of other religions known as the abrahamic faith where Jews Christians and Muslims come together to talk about and promote their religion. I just want to know if this Is what happens in the park. Jazak allahu khair.

    1. Wa alaikum asssalaam wa rahmatullah.

      Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. The answer is Yes. We invite people of other faiths to join us in our celebrations as did the classical Muslims. This was always a beautiful Da’wah tool where non Muslims and Muslims may break bread and have some fun. By Example was labelled as the best form of Da’wah by the Sunnah. I pray this suffices your query and perhaps when you next attend one of our Eid Festivals you may witness such interfaith. We have people taking shahaada at 1Eid events also which is huge blessing for us.

      Wa Salaamu ‘Alaikum

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