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Irfan – East London

I’ve been with 1Eid for 2 years and Alhamdullilah the team has developed me spiritually and gave me a purpose to live life in servitude for the Ummah. The concept of bringing Eid out in the community is commendable with the vigorous efforts of the whole team.  My whole family loved the journey of being a team of 1Eid and will continue to strive to follow the footsteps of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as portrayed. 1Eid 1Ummah.

Sister Sabeena – East London

1Eid brought a smile to my face and enjoined my family in the path of serving the Community. The team is selfless in their efforts to bring Eid to the Community.  My 3 year old daughter enjoyed herself and recognize Eid as being a celebration due to 1Eid.

Kashif Darr – Cambridge

‘Have known the 1 Eid team for many years as well as organising the 1Eid Cambridge events for three years. The team are very passionate about what they do and embolden the message of Islam & community with the work they do.

Sister Nasra – Southall, W London

‎السلام عليكم  ورحمة الله وبركاته  Bismillah, 

I’ve volunteered a few times for 1EID back in 2017/18 and Alhamdulillah it was a beautiful experience to see many smiles and happy faces on that day. As a volunteer I always had something to do there was no time to be bored as the leaders always made sure everyone had a role. It was also good working together with the other volunteers meeting sisters of different ages, from different places, we had fun, laughed together and helped each other. 

The main organisers and the leader volunteers worked so hard and gave a lot of their time to make sure everything ran smoothly even days before the actual event and after! Any issues were dealt with accordingly setting a good example to us all. 

One thing I also like was that they maintained a good boundary between the brothers and sisters as there was a female and male leader always within reach. The best part of it all was at the end of the event when us volunteers got to go on any of the rides for free for as many times! Overall I can say, although it was a long, tiring but rewarding day I had a really pleasant experience, was well looked after and I’d recommend any young person to consider taking the role especially if they don’t usually do much for Eid or if they’re revert as I understand Eid can be a lonely time for them, these events give you a sense of community and it’s a way to meet/ get to know others. 

Even for myself personally I’m happy to say I met one of my closest friends to this day when I became a volunteer For 1Eid Alhamdulillah. I hope my experience can encourage others to try it out in the future InShaaAllah.

– Volunteer with Ramadan in mind –

Now here’s why you need to volunteer.
 Good work done for the Sake of Allah is the best way to purify and seek nearness to our Creator this Ramadan. The workload for His sake is weighty on all counts.  So, put aside your excuses, you need this more than you know.
This Ramadan be a pillar of support for other Volunteers, year upon year, a shortage of Volunteers always deprives the few that strive. Wouldn’t you love the reward of another’s fasting?
Many people want to take a step back in Ramadan, but Ramadan is the months we roll up our sleeve and multiply our deeds. It time to seek to stand out before our Lord in the places where others won’t. 
We’ve shared this piece of honesty with you hoping to entice the sincere among you to join the ranks this year. Will you secure yourself something special this year, will you make it count? Or will you choose to spend your Ramadan like every other year.

Allow us to facilitate your development, hasanat and plant memories that will last a lifetime. Full Training provided.


Earn a notable recognition in your CV – Full Reference Given.

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