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Eid ul Adha is to commemorate and celebrate the Abrahamic Sacrifice. 

As we contemplate the good deeds done on the first ten days of the sacred month we must remind ourselves that they are more beloved to Allah in these ten days than deeds done on any other day of the year.  Similar to the last ten NIGHTS of Ramadan these are the blessed ten DAYS of dhul Hijjah.  Let us start planning our Qurbani in Afghanistan to feed the poor purely for the sake of Allah – contact info@1eid.net  or text / WhatsApp us at +447958183184 to book your sacrifice.

We need volunteers at all our parks as our event grows so does our need for more supporters.  Actually, we do NOT volunteer.  You do not volunteer for this kind of work on Eid day.  We SACRIFICE the norm and mundane Eid with family at home imitating a Christmas dinner.  Eid is outside with everyone including all the new Muslims and the non-Muslims who wish to join us and benefit Dawah with us. 

We are always replacing the plastic Tarpaulin which gets damaged.  They cost about £110 each 12m x 12m and the shelters for our sisters and families as the gazebos get damaged from regular usage.  They cost about £1200 each.  We also rent a much larger Marquee in case it rains for general shelter also which costs about £6000 renting.  We hope to purchase the large ones one day when we can manage a storage and haulage solution. 

These are just some ways you can contribute and invest to make 1Eid your own sadaqa jaariyah in your name, parents’ name or other loved ones.  This type of sadaqa pushes away calamities, washes away sins, purifies wealth, establishes our future dawah, empowers our sisters with their prayers, protects our youth with a halal environment for fun and celebrations as well as safeguards us in the AKhirah by fulfilling our obligation of Dawah. 

To donate now click – 1eid.net/adha 

To Join our teams –  1eid.net/volunteers

To sacrifice qurbani in Afghanistan – 1eid.net/Qurbani

To plan and book your family Eid with us then go over to 1Eid.net and keep an eye on the site as we announce updates of our venues near you which you can then book and confirm family tickets and savings. 

May Allah accept your good deeds and grant us all guidance to become the best righteous and pious Muslim seeking only His Pleasure and Mercy.  Ameen. 

Sincerely your brother,

Jalal ibn Sa’eed (Abu Eid)

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